Power supply of secured devices

In addition to the security function our anti-theft system provides also a possibility to supply power to the secured devices. This enables the customer not only to see the device but also test it. The system is composed of control units and sensors connected to them adapted to match the specific commodity. The sensors are fastened to the product while most of them have the forms of grips to present the device in an impressive manner. Any event of commodity detachment, disconnection of sensor, cutting or shorting the wires will result in an alarm being generated.  Power is supplied from the control unit to the sensor. Sensors with power supply function are equipped with a socket where a cable is connected matching the presented device. The function is particularly useful when presenting cellular phones, MP3/MP4 players or GPS equipment.


Anti-theft system with power supply of protected commodities is applied to:


  • mobile phones
  • GPS navigation
  • MP3/MP4 players
  • digital cameras
  • 3D glasses




Our control units are easy to install and configure, simple to operate and friendly to use.

We offer control units with power supply function of AXP and AXP-K series (with additional mechanical key).

AXP 4, AXP 8, AXP 16 AXP 4 K, AXP 8 K, AXP 16 K


Basic characteristics of control units:


  • number of inputs: 4, 8, 16
  • controlled via radio remote control with a dynamic code
  • power supply of secured devices
  • mains supply with emergency rechargeable battery backup
  • battery operable
  • optical and acoustic alarm indication
  • automatic activation which makes it impossible to leave the commodity unprotected
  • indication of sensor disconnection during stand-by mode off
  • relay output
  • additional siren output
  • outputs for monitoring system
  • digital display output
  • additional mechanical key



Our offer includes over a dozen various sensors with power supply function. Each sensor with power supply function is equipped with an input socket to which a feeding cable adjusted to the displayed device is connected. Such a vast choice makes it always possible to properly select the protection for the commodity presented and the exhibition method used in the specific store

The wide selection of sensors also enhances the protection level as many of the detectors are dedicated for the individual group of devices. It is possible to effectively protect the devices composed of several parts.

The terminals used, which allow the sensor parts to be unclipped, make it possible to comfortably relocate the goods in case the offer is changed without the necessity to unfasten the commodities from the sensors.

Applied Sensors:


  • SENSOR XU 07, XU 08, XU 09, XU 10

All sensors are available in black and light grey.



One end of the charging cable is equipped with a Mini-USB connector plugged into a socket in the sensor, whereas the other one with a connector adjusted to the protected device. We offer a wide variety of charging cables for majority of mobile phones available on the market.

Should you be unable to find an appropiate cable, fell free to contact us.


Example configuration of an anti-theft system with power supply function.


Alarm system monitoring

An issue which is particularly important in large stores is to quickly locate the place of alarm occurrence. This is why our control units are equipped with outputs which allow sending alarm signal to the information board located most frequently in the monitoring room. The message displayed on the board enables instant response of the security service. Such a solution significantly improves the protection of goods from theft.



Our offer includes a full array of fasteners fitting our detectors and also auxiliary parts such as fastening bands, extension cords, splitters etc.



System installation

When designing the anti-theft system we focused on simplicity and easiness of the installation. Therefore, many of our customers buy our products to install them on their own to reduce the cost. However, if necessary our qualified team of technicians is always at your disposal to install the devices at the location of your choice.



Additional information is available in our catalogue. To get a catalogue please contact us. Should the catalogue be insufficient in finding the item of your interest we can design one for you. All products originate in our company, thus we can always find a new solution to fulfill your individual requirements.